Keith Wilson’s

7.25”g GWR 2-6-2


This model photographed at Alexandra Palace was originally built by Keith Wilson as one of a batch of eight he made in 7.25” gauge, and the one he kept for himself and ran for many years. In recent times it was rebuilt by Jeremy Dunn.

The number 6170 was the unused last in the series for the 61xx class which is appropriate for a design which is actually a hybrid of 61xx and 3150 class which had the larger GW No 4 boiler. It is actually based on the 3150s but Keith preferred features such as the shape of the cab of the 61xx.

Originally finished in GWR livery in 1988, the current owner applied the BR livery in 2009. He also stripped it down and rebuilt with repairs to the frames and spring gear, wheels, brakes, cylinder and valve rebore, new boiler and some cladding, plus added detailing.

The 6100s will need no introduction to school children in West London in the days of steam. The ‘tanner-oners’ got you to school on time and home in time for tea. Collet built 70 of these suburban favourites. One has survived into preservation at Didcot.

Like the 61xx, the 3150 class was based on the Churchward 3100/5100 class but none survived into preservation.