Pete Thomas’

This super GWR Collett Goods 0-6-0 tender locomotive model in 7,25” gauge was exhibited at the 2014 Midlands Model Engineering Exhibition by Pete Thomas. It was researched, designed and built by Pete and Dave Aitken, with “invaluable help from friends”. The model which was serialized in ElM magazine was shown in an advanced state, but with still some finishing work to do. Backhead fittings and plumbing, completion of the cab floor, handrails, brake gear safety chains, final fitting of the safety valve bonnet and many other small jobs were yet to be completed.

Pete explains: “Working from Swindon drawings and extensive study of the surviving prototype at Buckfastleigh, we have aimed to produce a fine scale model of this attractive GWR locomotive. Despite the apparent simplicity of the prototype, availability of some drawings from York museum and the full size loco available for detailed inspection during its recent overhaul, the project has presented many challenges.

“The discrepancy between wheel pattern drawings and the wheels fitted to 3205 was only fully appreciated when we machined our first set of castings! The Swindon pattern maker obviously had different ideas, and so for us it was back to pattern making and a new set of wheels.”

In many ways the model is a coming together of craftsmanship and technology - David having worked for many years crafting fine scale locos and Pete coming from the full-size railway technology background. The tender tank genuinely has going on for 10,000 rivet holes, a working sump and scoop mechanism. Parts for others builders are available from Polly Engineering, including the CNC cut, drilled and formed tender platework.

3205 is one of the later 2251 class locos, built post-war, hence the straight milling of the coupling rods and the fitment of rear sandboxes. The model is displayed in late 1950s BR livery, enabling Pete and co to line it out, as the locos were unlined in GWR times. The Worcester shed plate is appropriate for this period and fits in well with the train spotting days of Carol (Pete's wife) who grew up in Worcester.