Clive Fox’

The story of LBSC’s Hielan Lassie design illustrates his modelling genius. He conducted a poll as to what readers would like to see as his next project. Clear winner was an LNER Pacific. He set about scaling drawings down to 3.5” gauge to produce a “real snorter!”

As he started work on the project, Gresley’s design presented problems at that scale, especially three cylinders driving a single axle.

However, at the time, Gresley’s successor, E Thompson, had rebuilt a loco as a Pacific with divided drive. Curly waited to see more developments, and sure enough next came a Green Arrow rebuilt as a 4-6-2 rather than 2-6-2 also with divided drive. “That settled it,” he explained. ”I knew what was going to happen, as surely as if Mr Thompson had called and told me about it.

“I scrapped my original plans for Hielan Lassie.”

He waited to see if a rebuilt A1 or A3 would appear.

When it did, it was almost identical to what Curly had drawn up, right down to the removal of splashers, high running board and outside exhaust pipes.

This model of the powerful 3.5” gauge LNER A1 Thompson rebuild was shown by Clive Fox at one of the last Sandown Park shows.