Part 12 by Vince Cutajar

I played a bit with the switch to see how it is fixed in the motor plinth.  To say the truth, it took a bit of head scratching to figure it out but I managed it although not as the instructions specify. 

Wired up the switch but left it outside the plinth just to check that all the electric parts are working.
The cover for the electric motor plinth should be attached to the plinth with two supplied self-tapping screws.  I did not like the idea, so instead I tapped the screw holes 4mm and will be using 4mm screws instead of the self-tapping screws.
I was concerned about the draft coming through the wheel guard. I had a laser cut plate made which had the desired effect.  All the cooling air from the electric motor which was passing through the grinding wheel guard was eliminated and I could keep the same kit supplied guard.
The build instructions suggest to put a thin card between the electric motor plinth and the base.  So I cut a piece of gasket paper to size.
Basically the Worden was finished and I could start using it, but I resisted the temptation to use it.  I needed to paint it first.

Was lucky when painting as the daytime temperature was hovering around 20 deg. C. good for the smooth Hammerite used.

I read somewhere that it was a good idea to put something under the grinding wheel to collect some of the dust.  I thought I would use this.
It's a metal lid from a cigar box I had laying around. 

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