Jim Lovell


This Speedy in LT livery by Jim Lovell was displayed at the 2018 Bristol exhibition.

It’s no surprise that LBSC’s Speedy design became one of the most popular among model engineers. One of only a few he designed in 5” gauge along with attractions such as Walschaerts valve gear on a Great Western subject, although the valve gear has proven a mystery to many a builder. The 1500 class were 0-6-0 pannier tanks. Although a GWR Hawksworth design, all ten (nos 1500–1509) were built by the Western Region of British Railways in 1949. Unlike almost all their forebears, they had outside cylinders, Walschaerts valve gear, and a very short wheelbase of 12 ft 10 in to go round curves of 3.5 chains (231 ft).

The class had limited usefulness as they were restricted to few routes due to their heavy weight, and unsuitable for fast running because of their short wheelbase. Largely confined to empty stock workings at Old Oak Common and Paddington station, their lives were as short as ten years. Four of the class, 1506 to 1509, were based in Wales, Newport Pill, Ebbw Junction & Cardiff Canton. Loco 1501 is preserved on the Severn Valley Railway.



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