Roger Froud


Roger Froud had a great day out at Alexandra Palace. Meridienne Exhibitions has always managed to keep up with London audiences with a show that highlights a range of models. This year the show included serious attention to the work of young model engineers. And it brought steam punk to the attention of many for the first time. We will look at both of these innovations later. Meanwhile, here is a round-up of some of the other items that caught Roger’s eye. Part two here.

Super varied display from St Albans.
Chelmsford’s shedloads of Simplexes the 5” gauge Martin Evans classic.

Indian Hill Railway from East Surrey 16mm Group.

LNER Enterprise by Ken Coxell.

Another super loco from David Ball a Fowler 2F in 10.25” gauge.

Beyer Peacock Class 35  Hymek by Aiden Favell in 10.25” gauge.

Attractive 5” gauge Adams radial tank by Kelvin Mooney.

Abby by Donald Reynolds - Scot boiler fired by petrol blowlamp.

The Shed’s Cliff Railway from the Chelmsford Society.

The Great Ball Contraption from the London Adult Fans of Lego.

Triple expansion engine from Harrow & Wembley.

Polished King Hauler from the truck display.

Brickish comedy from Jay and Jeanette Simpson.

Super GW Prairie tank from the G3 Society.

Steam punkery.

Stuart beam engine by David Nunes.

John Stephenson’s Rob Roy to Martin Evans’ design.

Lister Junior petrol engine by David Nunes.