Roger Froud


Roger Froud had a great day out at Alexandra Palace. Meridienne Exhibitions has always managed to keep up with London audiences with a show that highlights a range of models. This year the show included serious attention to the work of young model engineers. And it brought steam punk to the attention of many for the first time. We will look at both of these innovations later. Meanwhile, here is a round-up of some of the other items that caught Roger’s eye. Part one here.

Royal Scot 6100 in 5” gauge by Edgar Playfoot.
Looking after the late Norman Spink’s 5” gauge Speedy.
Simplex in Great Western guise.
Another super Great Western prairie tank in 5” gauge.
Doubled-up Minnie traction engine.
Progress on the Big Boy familiar to London show-goers.
Quite at home in North London, LNER N2 0-6-2 in 7.25” gauge.
Pretty Polly.
New York pumping engine by Colin Davies.
LMS 3F Jinty.
Ornamental turner at work.
Ornamental turners’ work.
Weir vertical boiler feed pump by Commander Barker (SMEE collection).

Magnificent Meccano Eiffel Tower.
And finally one to remind many of us where we began.