The late J. N Maskelyne opined that: ‘Lorna Doone was one of a class of 80 express passenger engines which to me, when a boy, were almost sacred. They stood apart from all other engines, and they achieved the summit of beauty in locomotive design.”

Writing in the late 1950s he added: “ I will not argue on this matter; my opinion was formed just 62 years ago and has remained unaltered ever since - against the test of time and an ever growing appreciation of the finer details of locomotive anatomy.”

He was not so keen on some of the later modifications to these engines. However, Lorna Doone was never rebuilt, and was withdrawn in 1912.

The Dean Single has, of course, been modelled many times in every gauge, including John Clarke in 7.25”  and 5” by Pete Rich and both designs are available.

This model is in 5” gauge and was shown a Bristol in 2017 by Peter Jones.

Peter Jones