Stuart Deacon -Part two

Anthony Mount

A couple of years ago I discovered your great website and it has been an inspiration to me. So much so that I went ahead and purchased a small lathe and mill prior to retiring. 

As a new starter to model engineering I thought that the Monitor engine drawings from Julius would be a good start for me. Over the last year and a half I have gradually worked through making each component and finally completed the assembly last week. I have attached a video of the engine running on air. The significant hissing is coming from my control valve I made up, now resolved with a better fitting O ring, plus the pistons do not yet have piston rings. I just couldn’t wait to see if it would run anyway. Pretty happy with the overall result, I didn’t have to bin too many components and I took those mistakes as lessons.  

Thank you for the inspiration and to Julius for the easy to follow plans.


Gold Coast Australia 

Stuart also kindly sent us photos of his completed model and its build which follow.