Arthur Saunders’

This 1:8 scale Rolls-Royce Phantom II drop head coupé was displayed at Brooklands by Arthur Saunders. This model had originally been poorly constructed in 1971 from a Pocher kit comprising 2300 parts in ABS, brass , stainless steel, iron, copper and rubber. It was purchased in 2000 as a ‘basket case’ by Arthur, after deteriorating from having been stored in an unconverted loft for years. He restored it totally, using many replacement parts scratch built in metal, and added other scratch built parts.

The cabin interior was also done by Arthur including door cards, leather seats, Wilton carpet and hand cut veneer. Drinks trays are fitted in the backs of seats. Opening doors have windows that roll up and down, and there is a leather covered boot.

The engine has working pistons which can be turned over using the handle, also operating the water pump and dynamo. The engine bay is fully wired and plumbed. Working running lights are fitted. It has active brakes, suspension and steering.

Everything is fixed mechanically - no adhesive was used in the construction. In theory, it could be deconstructed.

It took around 1000 hours work over a two-year period “on and off”.