Part 1 by Julius de Waal

In early 2016 I was approached by a Bob McBain in Tasmania, Australia, who had bought a whole lot of 7.25 inch castings which were closely based on the 5” gauge Conway engine featured in MEWS  and was already building this engine using my Conway drawings and applying a scale factor.

He requested whether I could scale up several components/parts and sent them as STL-files so that he could these components laser cut. With that in mind, I decided to draw up this design in 7.25” gauge and called this engine after my wife's original name SOUHAM (SIHAM in english).

Some pictures of parts which were laser cut and the engine in progress are included along with the full set of drawings starting in Part two.

Above is a picture of Bob Walladge, also from Tasmania,  driving the 7.25” ‘Conway’ he built some years ago.

12 - 14 May 2017