Edgar Playfoot



This engine, displayed at Alexandra Palace in 2019, started life as Martin Evans’ model design for the experimental Fury of the LMS. Later it was converted to its present form based on the Royal Engineer drawings. In similar vein Martin produced drawings for rebuilt Royal Scot, Kings Own, and Leander 5XP. Tender for this model is built to Tony Allcock’s drawings and is fitted with a working water pick-up shute.

The preserved 6100 locomotive was originally built in 1930 at Derby as 6152 The Kings Dragoon Guardsman. In 1933 the LMS was invited to send a locomotive and train to the Century of Progress International Exposition in Chicago, USA. It was decided to send an engine of the Royal Scot class. One was selected that was due for general overhaul and given a new name. The coupled axleboxes were replaced with larger ones, based on a GWR design, and the bogie replaced by a De Glehn type, also GWR inspired. Springing was also updated, and the boiler replaced.

The rebuilt locomotive continued with the identity of 6100 Royal Scot on its return from the USA and was given an enlarged nameplate with details of its appearance at the exhibition. While in the US the engine travelled 11,194 miles. The locomotive was rebuilt again in 1950 with a taper boiler, double chimney and new cylinders following the success achieved with two Jubilee class locomotives rebuilt in 1942.

Photos by Roger Froud.