George Punter’s

George Punter brought his model tractor all the way from Bundaberg, Australia to the 2016 show at Brooklands. It was a worthwhile trip, as he went back home with a gold medal.

The model is of a Sanderson & Mills Model F Universal tractor made in Bedford in 1913, based on one he saw in New Zealand at the Geraldine Vintage Car and Machinery Museum. George spent a week taking photographs, making sketches and measuring up the tractor. From those came well over 200 drawings and patterns to make castings. Four thousand garden workshop hours later the tractor was finished.

George started model building as a child, progressing to building petrol engines as a teenager. While studying teaching, part of his thesis involved model engineering, so that he was able take his hobby to school and make the workshop interesting. The school still uses George's design for a model steam engine as a Year 12 final piece. They have been using the design for 25 years.

The Sanderson & Mills model is 1:4 scale giving a motor size of 50cc. It is water cooled and drives a 3-speed gearbox fitted with reverse. The engine is a 180 degree twin with fixed head and T-valve placement. The model is just over 700 mm long.