The 2016 Midlands Model Engineering Exhibition saw two fine models of BR Mogul locomotives, a fine 4MT and a Class 2. The 4MT was originally classified 4F by the LMS for the first three which were built before railway nationalization in 1948. It was designed by H. G. Ivatt for medium freight work, but also used on some passenger services. In total 162 Ivatt Class 4s were built and they were used extensively throughout the system, notably the London Midland Region. They were given several nicknames by railwaymen including: mucky ducks, doodlebugs and even, affectionately, flying pig. Just one survived into preservation, no 43106, on the Severn Valley Railway. This model of 43018 is by Bernard Clark.

The second mogul, no 78005 is a Class 2 was shown by the Melton Mowbray club. These were the smallest of BR’s standard classes earning the nickname Mickey Mouse. Resemblance to the class 4 is not coincidental as the design was derived from Ivatt’s Class 2MT. Some 65 were built at Darlington. Thirty more were built as tank engines. Four Class 2s survive, one of which is being rebuilt as a tank engine.

Photography by John Arrowsmith.