Part 3 by Phil Procter

The grinding attachment in the previous instalment is seen fitted to the Myford.

I made the grinder myself, it is really the head from my tool and cutter grinder but I thought I may as well make it dual purpose while I was designing it, so the taper plug fitting goes straight onto the Myford and is dead on centre height.
Here it is mounted on the ‘Union’ cutter grinder.

Next, making a fixture to hold the cylinder head so that the valve guides and seats can be machined.

Fixture in use on the Alexander MTM milling machine.

(Ed: thought readers might also like to see Phil’s example of our favourite milling machine.)

The milling machine is an Alexander Master Toolmaker, it is the British version of a Deckel FP1. It comes with loads of gadgets like slotting head, dividing head, high speed head and so on. There is not much you cannot do with it.

My dad restored it before he died, and rigged it up as a Sunderland gear shaper for making Myford change wheels.