David Glen’s
Some time back David Glen described building his wonderful model of the Mustang P-51D on MEWS. That was the second of his museum quality models in that scale.

First was a Mk 1 Spitfire.

Now David has written a book about that project. And he does not hold back on giving his ‘secrets’, including those from his well equipped workshop.

For anyone who would like to see the model, it is in the RAF Museum, Hendon. That alone makes it special.

David offered the finished model to the Museum, but they did not include models there. The argument was that it contained originals of all the important aircraft, so models were unnecessary.

That rule applied until David’s Spitfire came along.

The only stipulation was that it should remain unpainted. As a result visitors, and readers of David’s book, can see clearly the excellent craftsmanship of the maker.

First thing to be said about the book is that it is beautifully produced. The photographs are excellent, mostly large and detailed, especially those of the completed model by Roger Hancock of Stillview Photography, Ipswich. Design and production are by Brown and Brown with printing of the highest quality by Cambrian Printers. Like the model the book is top quality, and large.

It is quite expensive at £39.99, but very good value. It has “limited availability” and likely to be a collectors item in its own right. 

Most of the book is taken up with describing the build in various sections. Occasionally, it goes off into more detail with sections, for example, on the use of litho plate for panel skins.

Then there’s all that riveting - thousands of the little blighters, including about 5000 1/32” x 1/2” rivets. A supply was found for about £50 and ordered. Unfortunately, it was a bad line and the receipt accompanying the supply was for £341.34. What was misheard was that they were £50 a thousand, not total!

Anecdotes like that and all-round good writing (David is a journalist by trade) keep up the interest throughout the 192 pages.

Make no mistake, this is right up there with the work of people like Gerald Wingrove and larger scale. Of course, these large, complex models take a long time to build, so model selection is crucial. With the Spitfire Mk1 and Mustang P-51D complete, it would have been logical to complete the trio with a Hurricane. However, detailed information was not available for that, and so the current project is a Mk IX Spitfire.

This book is certainly an inspiration for model makers and model engineers. It is also practical with plenty of information on techniques.

Thoroughly recommended.

You can order at: http://www.spitfireinmyworkshop.net/book/

Meanwhile, enjoy this small selection of photos.