Built by Nigel Etheridge

Patrick Stirling’s iconic Victorian 8 foot single wheelers were built at the Doncaster Works of the Great Northern Railway. No 1 was built in1878.

It featured an 8 foot 1 inch diameter driving wheels and was built to haul fast trains from London, Kings Cross, to York. She was one of a class or 49 locomotives and took part in the ‘Race to the North’ during 1895, against LNWR trains from London to Glasgow. Designed to handle trains up to 275 tons at an average of 50mph, a sister engine hauled a train over the 82 miles from Grantham to York in 1hour 16 minutes. Today, No.1 is part of the National Collection at York located next to an LNWR Jumbo, a competitor in the ‘Race to the North’.

The 7.25” gauge model was built over a 12 year period by Nigel Etheridge. She was later given to Simon Hudson by his wife as a birthday present. This was a dream come true for Simon since first falling for the Stirling Single when he was ten years old and saw a model at an exhibition. Simon exhibited the engine at a National Model Engineering and Modelling Exhibition at Harrogate.

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