Owen Bird

The Stuart Major Beam Engine is a long-time favourite among model engineers. It is typical of the smaller industrial engines of the nineteenth century, designed by George Gentry and serialized in Model Engineer and  Amateur Electrician magazine throughout 1914.

It was based  on three engines built by Bryan Donkin & Co of Bermondsey around 1858. The first model was built by a Mr Oakley who had been erecting shop foreman at  Donkin.

In 1968 modifications were made to the design by Mr. H. A. Taylor including a reduction in the bore, a redesigned feed pump and replacement of Whitworth fixings with B.A. The Stuart Major Beam kit is still available from Stuart Models of Bridport and includes all the castings, finished gears, piston rings and drawings but none of the other materials or fixings needed to complete this classic model.

It is a large, powerful model more than 18” high with a 13 7/8” dia flywheel. Bore is 1 3/4” and stroke 3 3/4”.

Builder of this example is Owen Bird.

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