Warco Mini Lathe

Warco has re-introduced its smallest starter hobby machine the 90mm centre height Mini Lathe in response to customer demand. Suitable for bench mounting in the home workshop, this lathe benefits from being compact and budget friendly, while offering some of the key features of larger more expensive lathes - including hardened and ground bed, threading facility, large spindle, metal hand wheels and back gear for maximum torque.


Features include

  1. Induction hardened and ground bed ways

  2. Distance between centres - 300mm

  3. Over centre cam lock on tailstock

  4. Large diameter spindle supported on bearings

  5. Forward and reverse

  6. Back gear for maximum torque

  7. Large diameter spindle supported on bearings

  8. Aluminium hand wheels


Standard accessories

  1. Chuck - 80mm 3-jaw self-centring, inside and outside jaws

  2. Dead centre

  3. 4-way tool post

  4. Threading facility

  5. Swarf tray

  6. Rear splash guard

  7. Thread dial indicator

  8. Change gears for thread cutting

  9. Maintenance tools

  10. Instruction manual & spare parts list.

£520 inc VAT and UK mainland delivery


Mini lathe digital readout

All new DRO kit made specifically for the Mini and Super Mini metalworking hobby lathes.

Supplied for self fitting, this set is complete with readout counter, corresponding scales and the necessary parts - everything for an integrated digital readout system.

Set includes

  1. Digital readout counter - 2-axis with magnetic base

  2. Scales

  3. Mounting brackets

  4. Cables and main power supply

  5. Fitting instructions

£145 inc VAT and mainland UK delivery


Warco Super Mini lathe with DRO

Warco Super Mini Lathe with factory fitted DRO. Supplied complete with scales for longitudinal and cross feeds and digital readout counter that mounts on the machine.


DRO features

  1. Full 2 axis system - X and Y traverses.

  2. Magnetic scales

  3. Switchable between metric and imperial.

  4. Compact illuminated digital counter.

  5. Magnetic base to enable easy re-positioning.

  6. Straightforward to use.

  7. Take the hassle out of fitting DRO yourself - this machine comes with the full system installed.


Warco Super Mini Lathe features

  1. 100mm 3-jaw chuck

  2. Brushless motor

  3. All steel gears (both headstock & change gears)

  4. All metal hand wheels

  5. Leadscrew hand wheel with calibrated dial

  6. Thread dial indicator

  7. Induction hardened and ground bedways

  8. Rigid tailstock with over centre clamp, cam locking mechanism.

  9. Large diameter spindle supported on bearings

  10. Digital readout rev counter for spindle rpm (in additional to x & y axis DRO)

  11. Thread dial indicator

  12. Forward and reverse

  13. Back gear for maximum torque

  14. Metric and imperial thread cutting

£875 inc VAT and UK mainland delivery.


From Chronos

Harlingen 51 pc HSS Cobalt Drill Set £29.00 (£34.80 incl VAT)

1 – 6 mm x 0.1 mm

HSS Cobalt 5% Cobalt M35

Made to Din Spec DIN338


SCT Mini Cross Slide Milling Table

£99.50 (£119.40 incl VAT)

With 2 axes, mini series.

Accurate item, Compact design.


Table size: 200 x 100mm

X-travel: 135 mm, Y-travel:70mm

Dial calibration: 0.02mm and travel 1.00mm per


Height 75 mm

T-slot: 30mm between two T-slot center.

T-Slot size: 8mm

Weight 6KG

Footprint Area – 100 x 160 mm

Four Mounting Slots (10mm wide) – 100 mm Between Centres

Approximate shipping weight: 6KG

Material:Cast iron



Precision VA type angle lock milling vices 


1.New – High Quality Milling Vice from SCT.

2.Claimed accuracy of vice (parallelism and squareness) is 0.025mm/100mm.

3.The special segment in the movable jaw forces the vertical pressure

downward when the horizontal pressure works so that this jaw does not lift the workpiece.

4.The vice may be used on its own or with the swivel base supplied.

5. Four positions allow extra capacity to change opening of jaw.

6.Manufactured in cast iron

From £84 inc VAT and UK mainland delivery


Dasqua Inside Micrometer 0.2 – 1.2″ x 0.001″ With Ring Gauge

• For measuring various inside dimensions.

• Locking clamp for positive locking of spindle.

• Hard chrome plated.

• Threaded parts hardened.

• Clear graduations on satin chrome finish.

• High precision ground measuring jaws.

• Durable smooth finish.

• Ratchet thimble for constant force.

£28.39 (£34.07 incl VAT)


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