By Jason Ballamy - Part Eight

While working on another engine that had a few small parts I was suddenly struck with the urge to make a small engine so decided to make a half size version of the Jowitt MkII so here it is: The Jowitt Jnr.

Although it is half size it actually seems a lot smaller no doubt due to it being 1/8th the volume of the larger engine.
I did make a couple of alterations on this small one.

- The frame was cut from a single piece of aluminium rather than making it up from four bits.

- I used four fixings on the cylinder cover rather than six which meant I could use M1.6 studs rather than M1.2

- Oil grooves rather than piston rings

- Most of the oil cups were omitted and I just used a CSK oil holes

- Made up flywheels rather than castings

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12 - 14 May 2017