Part 18 by Vince Cutajar

Wired in the Bosch light and the convoy light. Also positioned the tank remote switch under the driver's hatch and fixed it with Velcro. Put the MG in place and continued tidying up the wiring. Tested the lights and flashing MG and still working.

Then drove (played) around the workshop. Really starting to take shape.

Next part arrived.
Couldn't resist, so attached the brackets with temporary screws and attached it to the turret. Perfect fit.
While at the Würth store, saw these shackles - just the right size.
I first drilled out the tapped hole to make it a clearance hole. It wasn't too hard considering that I was using a drill which had seen better times.
As that went relatively well I thought how about making a new pin. I did not have stainless rod of the appropriate diameter so I used brass instead. After all these will be painted.
Finished shackle with pin.
Finally finished with positioning the tools and accessories on the hull roof. It took longer than I anticipated.
Assembled the gun elevation mechanism.


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