Part 19 by Vince Cutajar

Spent a whole day playing with the recoil mechanism with no success. Noticed also that the voltage between a fully charged battery and a half discharged battery changes the place where the cam stops. Basically at the end of the day I gave up and started thinking of Plan B.

I gave it another try with the same results. Then I had one of those moments  (a rare occurrence). What if I reduce the tension of the spring? Added a piece of wire to the spring to reduce the tension.

Started getting repeatable successes. It started to look promising.

Re-assembled the painted recoil mechanism. Took me quite a while to get it re-calibrated again. Installed it in the turret and put it on the hull deck to check if it is still working with R/C. I also checked if there is enough clearance with the barrel at full elevation.

Holes for spring tension adjustment can be seen.
Made a rectangular 5mm thick spacer for the micro-switch close to the servo.
Next started work on the tow rope and cleaning rod clamps. This is a bit more involved so I worked on just one of them to see how it looks. Used a 2mm eye bolt on one side which can be swung outwards to open the clamp.
Re-worked the hardware on the other side. Instead of the 3mm button head screw I used a 3mm hex head screw. I machined the head down to a 5mm diameter and reduced the height to 1mm. I also made a thick washer which goes under it.
Next, finished the  electrics.


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