28 SEPTEMBER  2017

By David Carpenter


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If you read MEWS via Safari and have made the last update, you might have a minor problem. We noticed that the index page did not load up correctly in Safari but was okay in other browsers. It does work normally, however, if you open MEWS in a private window in Safari.


Warco has introduced new versions of of the VMC and Super Major milling machines.
These are fitted with new inverter drive and various improvements to these popular machines


We look forward to one of our favourite events, the Midlands Model Engineering Exhibition. This show is on for four days to accommodate the thousands that are expected in this, the 40th year.


MEWS missed out on the ETA 15D Mk 1 and 2 engine builds. However, we now have the Mk 3 and Elite 1 and 2 versions for you. Designed by Ramon Wilson these are double sized versions of engines we coveted as youngsters.


Julius de Waal has anaother set of drawings, this time for a four-cylinder oscillating steam engine. With a growing interest in this type of engine, we expect to see a number built.


Our model of the week is a small tower clock to a John Wilding design. The clock is normally installed at the house of Hywel Lambert, but borrowed for the recent Bristol exhibition.


A Metric Minnie traction engine - as published on MEWS a couple of years ago - had been completed to the drawings of Julius de Waal. The builder, Franco Pucci, in South Africa is kindly giving us details of his build. He has completed the project in just two years which would be impressive for anyone. But Franco was a complete newcomer to model engineering, learning from scratch as he went along. Impressive! Final part this week.

We look forward to Franco’s next project.



It is being reported that modelling magazine publisher, Traplet Publications, has ceased trading. Traplet recently took over the Model Engineer plans service. We understand that another company has now taken over the ME plans business and is working to make them available again.


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