Part four (conclusion) by Bob Middleton

Bob Middleton is best known to readers of MEWS for his popular Monitor engine design. We now have two more of his designs which are likely to be equally popular. First is this unusual, attractive and fascinating-to-watch double sided beam (or side lever) engine with its two beams driving a single flywheel. As with all Bob’s designs it is constructed from bar stock, with no castings needed. The flywheel can also be machined from a 1”+ slice of 6” diameter bar.

This engine will be followed by a single cylinder version - a design in its own right rather than a ‘cut in half’ version of the double engine.

Photos included are by Brian Stephenson who also made this engine, as well as others by Bob Middleton and fabricated versions of other classic designs. See all Brian’s engines and super workshop here.

Click on drawings to download. For personal use only.

Although drawings reproduce well on this website, they are even better as saved downloads.

NOTE: WE UNDERSTAND THAT THERE MAY BE SOME ERRORS IN THESE DRAWINGS. Please proceed with care, although we only expect experienced model engineers, who will spot any possible problems, to tackle this project.

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