Part five - engine building - by Alberto Celot

The cylinder body is carved from a block of bronze, using CNC machining for various faces and drilling the locations of the cylinders. The first picture shows the machining of the steam ports which in part was performed with a milling cutter 1 mm and using a speed multiplier;
The second photo shows drilling the cylinders,
while the third photo shows milling the slide valves, two for each of the two motors.
The cylinders:
Assembly of the brazed crossheads and guides.
All the engine parts:
Assembled thrusting engine:
I also assembled the Swinging Engine and tried it with compressed air. Here is the engine mounted in place:
I then built the steam actuator (RAM) to operate the clutch winder which winds the cable to lift the bucket. It consists of a cylinder which pushes a rod which operates a lever inside the hollow shaft of the winch which then, through a mechanism, tightens the strip around a drum.

The CAD drawing gives  the idea:

A linkage actuator controls the thrust...
... and drives the clutch mechanism itself and the drum where the cable  is wound to lift the bucket and the arm connected to it. The clutch comprises a belt which is tightened around a drum; the tape is formed by an inner part made of aluminum 0.5 mm thick and an outer part made of stainless steel 0.5 mm thick. The two sides are glued together.

Here is the completed assembly:

The clutch disengaged:
And engaged:

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