Part 10 by Vince Cutajar

Next to be done was the shaft that goes in the back of the toolholder using 16mm silver steel rod and not the material from the kit. Simple turning operation except that the turned end has to be eccentric (offset) to the remainder of the shaft. The instructions suggest putting a 0.01" shim between the shaft and one of the jaws. I used a 0.25mm feeler gauge instead.

Cut a screwdriver slot at the other end with a slitting saw. Could also have been done with a hacksaw.
Drilled 3.1mm hole for the pin.
Reduced the diameter of the barstock that came with the kit by polishing it and then using the big milling vice I pushed the pin in.
Cleaned it up by filing so that it was flush with the surrounding surface.
Next, the grinding wheel guard. As you can see from the photo, I could not push it back all the way as the top part of the guard hits the electric motor electrical connection box.
So, I set about to regain that last 20mm of movement. I need to do some surgery to the top part of the guard. Marked where I need to cut and proceeded to do the cut. I used a heavy duty Dremel cut-off wheel in the mill running at 2000 RPM.
Cleaned it up with a file did a trial fit.
Regained that 20mm, and elongating the slots at the bottom meant I could move it another 10mm.

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