Part nine by Vince Cutajar

Did the special nut with a 6 x 0.75mm thread.

Which fits into this. 
Which then fits into the sliding block.
Tapped for grub screws and milled flats and then the whole caboodle assembled. A bit stiff when screwed all the way in so started a bit of fettling and fitting to loosen it up when screwed in at the back.
Fitted also the spring steel to the thimble. The drawings say to start with a 1/2" length and adjust as necessary.  I left it with 1/2".
Started work on the lathe tool toolholder. Cleaned up the faces of the steel bar stock and brought it to size.  I needed to mill a 13mm (1/2" on the plans) slot in three of the four faces.  Marked the slots and thought that this is going to give my X3 a hard time. Then I had an idea. How about trying to remove some of the waste by drilling? So I drilled some 11.5mm holes.
Started rough milling with a well used 12mm end mill and then changed to a less used 12mm end mill to bring it to size.
When I did the side slots, before bringing it to size, I blued part of the already made slot to see when I start touching it.
All three slots finished and a couple of end mills which will need sharpening.
Next I did the 13mm (1/2" on drawings) hole at the back of the block.  I drilled up to 12.5mm and then used a 13mm end mill to give me a relatively flat bottom.
Drilled and tapped the required holes and this part of the toolholder was complete.