Part eight by Vince Cutajar

Started on a part which uses a 22mm bar stock.  So I kept the 4 jaw chuck as I can push the material further in and thus reduce the overhang out of the chuck. Turned the outside diameter as per drawings and then started to drill the hole through it. I am going to do it 9mm reamed, but when I went to look for it I could not find it.  Most probably I never had it. Studied the plans and opened up the hole to 10mm reamed.  Parted the part off.

Started work on the graduated sleeve.  As it has to be done from the same 7/8" material, it was easy to locate it in the 4 jaw chuck. First did some knurling and then made the through hole. I made it 15mm diameter and finished it off with a 15mm slot drill as I did not have that reamer.
I then opened up the hole with a boring tool to create the shoulder for the spring steel leaf.  The plan says 1/8" but it was a good thing to actually measure the width of the spring steel as it was a little wider.
Then turned it as required.
Next was to take the dividing head out and install it on the milling table. I use it so rarely that I had to read the instructions of how to set it up to give me 25 divisions. Eventually got it figured out but just to make sure I gave it a trial run on a piece of aluminium.
Thimble finished and graduations cleaned up.  Still need to face it to bring it to length.
Finished up the last two parts.  I also did a thick washer.
Next, the leadsrew.
Polished to fit the parts that go on this step.
And then the next step.  Again polished to fit.
Made sure that when that bearing block is pushed up to the shoulder, the graduated thimble would still be able to turn.

Next the thread (6 x 0.75mm) was cut with a die and the knob knurled.